• Congressional Site Visits to Your Laboratory:

Every NILA member should make an effort to invite the Representative(s) from the district where your laboratory is headquartered or has operations and the Senators from your laboratory’s state to visit the laboratory in the first quarter of 2016. Such requests can be made by calling your congressional offices and asking to speak with the scheduler. Written requests will be required via form letter (to be provided by the specific congressional office) or through a letter request. Please alert NILA by telephone: (314)241-1445 or email: nila@nila-usa.org when you have scheduled such a site visit so that we can help provide talking points and recommendations. The purpose of the visits is to get members of Congress to understand how a laboratory business operates; who you employ; and who you provide services to in the district/state. It is critically important that members of Congress learn more about the work of your laboratory so that they are better prepared to help NILA in addressing policies that affect your business.