Learn more about NILA's outreach efforts and positions on the following key issues affecting the laboratory and healthcare industries:

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LDTs Regulatory oversight of laboratory developed tests (LDTs)
PAMA Implementation of the Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014 (PAMA)
Toxicology Laboratories Coding and pricing for drugs of abuse testing
Archived NILA outreach and positions on previous issues


NILA’s Advocacy Fund

NILA's Advocacy Fund (formerly NILA's Defense Fund) is used to support NILA's grassroots, educational, and research activities relating to issues of interest to NILA members. For example, NILA's Advocacy Fund supported:

  • NILA's grassroots campaigns opposing Medicare's Competitive Bidding Demonstration Project and reimposition of a Part B 20% coinsurance for clinical laboratory tests;
  • A study by George Washington University (GWU) about business characteristics (e.g., types of clients, profit margins, etc.) of community/regional clinical laboratories; and
  • Webinars on varying topics.

NILA's ability to address the major issues facing community and regional laboratories depends upon several factors:

  • Your active participation in NILA's activities;
  • Volunteering your time and expertise; and
  • Donating to NILA's Advocacy Fund, which provides much of the financial resources necessary to conduct NILA's activities.

Your continuing support is much appreciated and enables NILA to maximize its efforts on behalf of you and the entire community/regional laboratory industry.

Click here to download the NILA Advocacy Fund Contribution Form.

NILA’s Direct Deposit Program

NILA has established a program that permits you or your laboratory to make direct deposits to NILA's Advocacy Fund based on a schedule that you determine (weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually) and for any amount that you wish. Once enrolled, you can change the frequency and amount of your donations at any time by completing another authorization form.

You do NOT have to enroll in this program to donate to NILA's Advocacy Fund. Donations can be made anytime and for any amount, by returning a NILA Advocacy Fund Contribution Form with your donation.

Click here to download Direct Deposit Authorization Form for NILA's Direct Deposit Program.