Breaking NILA News

February 27, 2017
New Professional and General Liability Insurance

January 13, 2017
FDA Releases Discussion Paper on Oversight of LDTs

January 10, 2017
CMS Releases Guidance for Submitting Private Payor Data as Required by PAMA

December 15, 2016
NILA Press Release: NILA Applauds House Freedom Caucus Recommendation on Immediate Repeal of Medicare Lab Payment Reform Rule

November 23, 2016
Final Determinations for Repricing Definitive Drug Tests

November 23, 2016
FDA Drops Guidances for LDTS  

November 9, 2016
NILA Press Release: Eighty-Eight Members of Congress Sign Bipartisan Letter to HHS Requesting Delay of PAMA

November 7, 2016
Final Bipartisan Sign-On Letter Regarding PAMA Implementation

October 5, 2016
OIG Releases Reports on Medicare Payments for Lab Tests in 2015; Update on CMS’s Progress on Changing How Medicare Pays for Lab Tests

September 12, 2016
NILA Comments on Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment System (HOPPS)

August 24, 2016
CMS Releases HCPCS Codes to be Reported Under PAMA

August 18, 2016
PAMA Advisory Panel to Meet September 12, 2016

August 17, 2016

FDA Releases Guidance: Use of Nucleic Acid Tests to Reduce the Risk of Transmission of Hepatitis B Virus

August 9, 2016

NILA Comments to Support Reconsideration for Final Payment Determinations for Toxicology Codes G0840, G0481, G0482, G0483

August 4, 2016
Medicare Advisory Panel Votes in Favor of NILA's Reconsideration Requests for Toxicology Codes G0480, G0481, G0482, G0483

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