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About Laboratory Membership

To be eligible for NILA membership, your laboratory must:

  • Be an entity that provides clinical or bioanalytical (including environmental) laboratory services
  • Have annual revenues less than $2 billion (U.S.)

NILA membership is by laboratory and entitles a laboratory to two designated individual contacts (primary and secondary) who must be executive officers (President, Vice-President, CEO, COO, etc.) of the member laboratory or persons having at least a 10% ownership share or financial interest in the laboratory.

Additional executive officer/owner "contacts" can be added (requires an additional fee).

Individual contacts receive all NILA communications and publications and can participate in NILA meetings and activities. The "primary" contact is the authorized voter for the NILA members laboratory (each NILA member laboratory is entitled to one vote).

The two individual contacts also receive a director/executive officer membership in the American Association of Bioanalysts (AAB), and are eligible to serve on AAB Boards/Committees as permitted by the AAB bylaws.

Primary Benefits for Laboratories

  • Networking with fellow laboratory owners and senior laboratory executives to share information and address issues concerning your laboratory and the laboratory industry
  • Representing your laboratory's interest before federal, state and local lawmaking bodies and regulatory agencies
  • Participating in "Capitol Hill Insider" conference calls with NILA's Washington representatives
  • Receiving "Alerts" and "Updates" on important legislative, regulatory and laboratory industry issues
  • Access to NILA's mid-winter "Laboratory Leaders Forum"
  • Help with individual problems/questions
  • Discounts on NILA meeting registration fees
  • Free subscriptions to the AAB Bulletin and AAB's Proficiency Testing Service (PTS) "News Clips"

Laboratory Memberships Dues

NILA Corporate Membership dues are based on the size of member laboratories as follows:

Net Revenue  Dues
< $5 Million $1,500
$5-10 million $2,500
$10-25 million $3,500
$25-50 million $5,000
>$50 million $10,000

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About Vendor Membership

Effective July 2017, NILA has established a new category of membership specifically for companies that manufacture, produce, distribute, sell or lease products, supplies, equipment or services to NILA member laboratories, and who evidence a serious interest in the activities of NILA.

Primary Benefits of Vendor Membership

Gold Level

  • FREE Display Table at NILA Meeting
  • FREE Recognition in AAB Bulletin* and on NILA Website
  • FREE Commercial message emailed to NILA members
  • FREE Full Page Advertisement in the AAB Bulletin*
  • Receive mailings/alerts/general information from NILA
  • Lunch Roundtable presentation at NILA Meeting -or- Infomercial Presentation at NILA Meeting
  • Two designated individual contacts

Silver Level

  • FREE Display Table at NILA Meeting
  • FREE Half Page Advertisement in the AAB Bulletin*
  • FREE Recognition in AAB Bulletin* and on NILA Website
  • Receive mailings/alerts/general information about NILA
  • Two designated individual contacts

*AAB (American Association of Bioanalysts) is NILA's parent organization.

Vendor Membership Dues

Net Revenue  Dues
< Gold $5,000
< Silver $3,500

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