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Gold Level

AdvancedMD- website

The Laboratory Division at AdvancedMD assists our Laboratories in finding the ideal billing and laboratory software solution. AdvancedMD has the best in class Laboratory Billing Software that improves your processes: 95% first pass clean claims acceptance, 50% billing tasks automated, interface connections with LIS to alleviate double data entry, integrated fax.

Agena Bioscience - website

Agena Bioscience enables laboratories worldwide to deliver affordable targeted genomic testing. The MassARRAY® System, our versatile genetic platform, delivers timely, accurate and easy-to-interpret results to improve decision-making and laboratory economics across a variety of applications.

The MassARRAY® SARS-CoV-2 Variant Panel enables laboratories to detect and discriminate dominant SARS-CoV-2 variants. Our optimized workflow helps laboratories overcome the complex, expensive, and long-turnaround challenges that come with sequencing-based technologies.

Lighthouse Lab Services - website

Lighthouse Lab Services offers a full suite of solutions for the clinical laboratory industry. Our service lines include recruiting, consulting, and buying and selling services.

MediaLab- website

MediaLab is a leading provider of cloud-based laboratory software solutions worldwide since 2001. We believe in using quality-driven processes and intuitive tools that address and help to alleviate the compliance pressures your laboratory faces. We’re eager to hear about your laboratory’s unique needs and help to improve your QMS effectiveness and efficiency on a continuous basis. Simplify your current processes with MediaLab’s suite of integrated products to manage your laboratory’s quality and compliance activities, including streamlined management of laboratory documents, continuing education, training activities, competency assessment, accreditation, and nonconforming events.

Seegene Technologies- website

Seegene Technologies is the US based innovation division of Seegene Inc., a global developer of multiplex molecular technologies and clinical molecular diagnostics. Its high multiplex Real-time PCR assays can simultaneously detect multiple targets for infectious diseases, respiratory infections and STDs. These tests deliver comprehensive clinical information in a single test and allow accurate and rapid diagnosis.

Sunquest - website

Sunquest has been managing the business and complex workflow of multi-disciplinary labs for 40 years. Our wide-ranging technical and operational expertise, combined with equally deep business acumen, make Sunquest the one to transform your lab to address today’s complex healthcare challenges and deliver next-level performance…delivering your lab to new heights.

TELCOR- website

TELCOR provides lab-specific revenue cycle software and billing services giving labs unparalleled access and visibility to its data. With this information, labs can easily identify trends and make sound business decisions to increase collections and minimize operating costs to positively impact profitability.

Vachette Pathology - website

Vachette Pathology's sole purpose is to help protect your revenue. Vachette Pathology is a pathology practice management firm. We are not a billing agency and do not perform billing. Instead we manage pathology practices from an outside point of view. We push your billing service to optimum performance; we renegotiate managed care contracts and help with the business of pathology. Vachette’s mission is to maximize reimbursement for our clients with the highest level of customer service through a highly motivated, skilled, and enthusiastic workforce. We do this by understanding, meeting, and exceeding our clients’ needs and requirements. We maintain the loyalty of our clients by holding ourselves accountable for all our actions.

Silver Level

Rhodes Group - website

Rhodes Group is more than just a software company. Rhodes Group is a healthcare company that brings together software, clinical, financial, and operational acumen to help our clients succeed. We are industry experts who treat every client's lab as if it were our own. It is this knowledge and care for our customers that ensures we deliver measurable value. By protecting the integrity of laboratory specimens as they translate to data, and then to information, we are able to provide healthcare professionals with a better view of what is ailing their laboratories and networks.

Rhodes Group was founded and incorporated in 2000 with a commitment to serve the laboratory marketplace through operational efficiency, revenue collections, analytics, and lab consulting services. We have since grown, driven by the desire to help our clients solve complex problems.

Today, Rhodes Group supports thousands of end-users belonging to multiple clients, from Hawaii to the East Coast of the United States.

TotalDxC - website

Total Diagnostics Connect Inc (TotalDxC) is a software services Portal (SaaS Platform) that connects patients to physicians to multiple clinical labs. The Portal gives small and mid-sized labs enhanced marketing and operational capabilities, allowing them to compete on equal terms with the largest reference labs in the market today. The current process is decentralized, inefficient, time consuming and presents compliance and liability risks for both provider and patient. TotalDxC brings to the table a unique opportunity to streamline the connection between Laboratories, Physician, Patients and the Insurance Claims pre-authorization and appeals processes. 

XIFIN - website

XIFIN is a healthcare information technology company that leverages diagnostic information to improve the quality and economics of healthcare. The company's cloud-based technology facilitates connectivity and workflow automation for accessing and sharing clinical and financial diagnostic data, linking healthcare stakeholders in the delivery and reimbursement of care.